Onward, to the future.

 I like the idea of resolutions, although I suspect it’s just a subcategory of my love of lists. I’ve decided to take a little different tack this year. Here’s a version of what I wrote in my Journal on January 1st.

  • I resolve to accomplish more this year than last year, BUT not astronomically more.
  • I resolve to stop dictating unreachable goals and impossible schedules to myself. You know the ones that only serve to discourage and scuttle any chance of accomplishing anything. (I think it is reasonable to write and submit one story a month this year which fits nicely with Write 1 Sub 1’s monthly challenge.)
  • I resolve to LEARN my own habits by observing and recording my work patterns in a writing calendar. I’ll do this in order to discover my own best method for bringing work from idea to draft, through revision and critique, and into to publishable form.
  • I resolve to stop saying, I will “FIND” time to write, and only say, I will “MAKE” time to write as I have NEVER found any time laying around.
  • I resolve to conquer that short but challenging walk to my work space: To say YES  to the work. 
  • I resolve to forgive myself for the days where writing doesn’t happen, and to move on without guilt.
  • I resolve to to recognize my loving obligations to my family, and to use the time I DO make for writing well.
  • I resolve to always do my best work, and to make my writing better through practice.
  • I resolve to be more open and free, to cherish and grow new ideas by saying YES to the world even if saying yes makes me feel vunerable or awkward or means that I might risk embarrassment.
  • I will put my work out there by submitting at least 12 stories this year.
  • I resolve procrastinate LESS (not that I will no longer procrastinate, baby steps).
  • I resolve to reach out to my fellow travelers, specifically via this blog, and by regularly attending my local writers’ group.
  • I resolve to look up and meet this curious world’s gaze.
  • It’s going to be a good year.

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