Godzilla King of the Monsters

io9’s Concept Art Writing Prompt
While my writing is going well, none of my longer pieces are submission ready, and the clock is ticking on January. So, to keep my Write 1 Sub 1 promise here is a flash piece I whipped up and posted to io9’s Concept Art Writing Prompt
Godzilla King of the Monsters
I almost didn’t recognize the old neighborhood when I came across it, stopping mid-stride and stepping back to avoid obliterating the neat, working-class houses, crushing something else instead. I crouched over the rooftops, the buildings snuged together on the street in what looked now like a pathetic show of solidarity. And there it was, my fiancée’s house. My ex-fiancée. Fled from me, and wisely so.

I remember the first time we stepped out together. A picnic. She, a proper young lady in a cotton blouse, slacks and a belt cinched around her impossibly slender waist. Giving me her elbow, she smiled defiance at her disapproving father as her brother snapped a picture of us. Me with the pink parasol she insisted I carry. She knew how my skin burned even on a cloudy day.

It burns now as I rein death and destruction down upon Tokyo. I stand up, carefully step over her house, and put the days before the radiation out of my mind. I turn to the ocean to cool my skin. It’s the sensible thing to do; it’s what she would have suggested.

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