The Million Writers Award

Hey writers! if you had a story published (via editorial selection) in an online journal, magazine or ezine in 2011 you have until April 9th to nominate it for The Million Writers Award hosted by storySouth. 

According to Jason Sanford’s site:

The purpose of the 2012 storySouth Million Writers Award is to honor and promote the best fiction published in online literary journals and magazines during 2011. The reason for the Million Writers Award is that most of the major literary prizes for short fiction (such as the Best American Short Stories series and the O. Henry Awards) have traditionally ignored web-published fiction. This award aims to show that world-class fiction is being published online and to promote this fiction to the larger reading and literary community.

If you enjoyed my story Fairview 619, please consider nominating it. As a story first published in Aurora Wolf, an online magazine in 2011, it’s eligible. its URL is:

To make a nomination, go here

If you have an eligible story put the link in comments and I’ll read it, if I like it I’ll send in a nomination too!

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