A Story a Week in 2013

Not every story will be a butterfly, so write more stories!
I have my ongoing writing goals and a queue of story ideas waiting to be written so I was debating wheather to come up actual resolutions this year. But the fact is, I kinda like making resolutions, even if only 10% stick, I figure I’m still in the black. Then I read Chuck Wendig’s post pooh poohing the anti-New Year’s resolutioners:

“This is of course the time of the year when frowny-faced naysayers tell you your resolutions are stupid and why are you waiting till today to make them and keep them, as if your today must conform to their today, as if your decision to evolve or change or Do Something is somehow offensive to them. It’s the same cynical thing you hear at Valentine’s Day — “I don’t need a day to buy flowers for my wife,” they say, which is true, but of course they probably don’t buy flowers for their wives on any other day anyway.”

And that sealed it!

Not only am I going to make resolutions. I’ll tell you about them so that you, fair reader, can hold me accountable. First, be sure to read the rest of Wendig’s short, inspiring rant here.

Then on New Year’s day, I stumbled upon Jay Lake’s great essay where he gives his own four rules of writing:

1) Write a story every week.
2) Finish everything you start.
3) Don’t self-critique while you’re writing
4) Work on one thing at a time.

I think I’m ready to step up my game to produce a story a week, so I’ve decided to participate in Write 1 Sub 1 This year.

I am modifying this challenge since while I think writing a story a week is achievable, I agree with Lake that not all those stories will be keepers. So, I am resolving to write (i.e. finish) one story a week and to submit two stories per month allowing for a 50% success/failure rate. It will just about double my submission numbers which were closer to one per month last year. I like how Lake looks at his stories as inventory with the point being that you want lots of inventory.

I’m going to keep up with my daily freewriting with a timed piece of true free writing and a timed piece that is a story exercise from one my my many prompt books, games, apps, etc. This represents about 20 – 40 minutes of warm up activity – what any good athlete or musician puts in.

I will still be blogging every Thursday and might even post a flash story or three. 

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