Read The Horses at Every Day Fiction

My story, The Horses, has already come up in the Every Day Fiction rotation. It was posted on Sunday the 2nd of June. You can read it here. You can even rate it and/or leave a comment.

This story was generated by a prompt from Cat Rambo. I met her Armadillo Con  where she was my pro at last year’s writer’s workshop. Since The Horses is (I hope) a story of revelation, I don’t want to say what the prompt was. I will say that I have taken both individual instruction and an online class from Cat and they were both worth every penny. Cat is easygoing and insightful, able to both inspire and give direction. Check out her class schedule here.

Every Day Fiction is also a great market. They are not the speediest to reply but worth the wait. I’ve had pieces rejected there too, and what I like about how they do things is that, whether rejected or accepted, the story is read by a group of editors, each of whom write a few comments These are all collected into a nice little critique. So, if you don’t have a lot of other avenues to get critiques for your work, this is an excellent market. Check out their guidelines here.

Today is the last day of school, so everything changes regarding when and where I can write. I’ll be talking about how I fit writing into my life over the summer in another post.

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