"Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast" or Alice Gets Very Very Small

I’m delighted to make my second appearance at NewMyths.com with my story, “Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast,” inspired in part by Alice in Wonderland.

I have to confess, I could never get into Lewis Carroll when I was younger. All that changed when I read Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass to my daughters. I found both books delightful and challenging (and a real joy to read aloud). 

Fantasy distinguishes itself from other forms of fiction by bending the rules that define our experience of reality. Most fantasy plays with the rules of how our world works rather narrowly. For example, vampires or magicians tend to move in a world that, while it may not be of our time, is otherwise mundane and predictable. Their special powers are defined and are bounded specific limits. Carroll’s Wonderland is a limitless and constantly mutable place. There is no solid footing for Alice or the reader. 

For all that we know about reality, how our universe actually works is a mystery so deep as to have that same disorienting effect of absolute fantasy, which is why I decided to send my Alice down a rabbit hole to discover a world as strange as anything in Carroll’s Wonderland.

And for something completely different, my review of Iron Horse Literary Review is up over at The Review Review.

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