Short Straw (originally appeared in the Lost Worlds anthology, by Flame Tree Press)

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast (New Myths)

Fairview 619 (See the Elephant, originally published in RevolutionSF)

Hands of Burnished Bronze (PodCastle/audio)

Futile the Winds (originally published in Interzone 247)

A Note to Parents Regarding the Beginning and End of Time Diorama Presentations for Ms. Miller’s Third Grade Class (Flash Fiction Online, originally published in Daily Science Fiction)

The Gyre (Luna Station Quarterly, originally published in The Colored Lens)

Flotsam (Cast of Wonders/audio)

Beata Beatrix (Bourbon Penn)

Cattle Futures (99 Pine Street)

The Silva (the Ecotones anthology)

An Accounting of the Sky (The Colored Lens)

The Nephelai’s Song (SF Comet. Read it in both English and Chinese!)

Naturally (New Myths)

Black Friday (Devilfish Review)

The Horses (Everyday Fiction)