Writers League of Texas Agents & Editors Conference: June 28-30

This is another great ATX conference for writerly types of all genres. I’ve been an attendee, a panelist, and last year my novel-in-progress won the manuscript contest in the Science Fiction and Fantasy category. While this conference is a bit more pricey than regional genre conferences around Texas, it is less costly than many other comparable conferences.

The Writers’ League of Texas is an excellent organization for Texas writers, and this conference is spectacularly well run. Every time I’ve gone, I’ve picked up meaningful information, met new people (yes, including agents and editors), and had tons of fun.

This conference is ideal for writers who have completed work that they are ready to put out into the world. There is some talk of craft, but the real focus is on how to interact with agents and editors, generate great query letters, and pitch your novel. Of course, you don’t have to have finished your masterpiece in order to benefit from the industry knowledge on offer.

For me, gaining a better understanding of what agents and editors do helped me to understand where I might fit into the system as a writer. Hearing about how they assess market trends (i.e. what people are reading), made me think about my writing projects in a new light. Hearing about the challenges in their jobs made me quit feeling sorry for myself about the work of creating a great pitch and/or query. I realized that when an agent commits to a writer’s book, they will be pitching it over and over (likely far more times than the writer will).

For the local sci-fi/fantasy writers, the 2019 Agents & Editors Conference, will have three agents who are seeking speculative fiction including a couple of people who work only in the genre: DongWon Song, who reps Sarah Gailey, and Paul Stevens, a former Tor Editor who reps Kel Kade. Read more about our agents here.

Anyone who registers by April 2 will receive one consultation with registration.